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Manufacturer of World-Leading  Range of Cast & Forged Steel Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Triple-Offset Butterfly, Dual-Plate Wafer Checks, Engineered Severe Service Valves, and Steam Traps offering Superior Performance across all Major Industrial Applications.
DEZ_LOGO1920X1080 Manufacturer of High Performance/Resilient Seated/AWWA Butterfly, Eccentric Plug (non-lubricated), Knife Gate,  V-Port & Rotary Plug Control Valves, Basis Weight Control Valves, Consistency Transmitters, Air-Release, Swing/Silent/Wafer Checks,  Surge Relief, PowerRac & Diaphragm Actuators & Controls.  Assembled  & Tested in USA!
  100% Made-in-USA Globe Style Control Valves previously manufactured by Honeywell & Dezurik including:  General Service, High-Pressure, Anti-Cavitation, Single/Double-Seated & 3-Way Mixing/Diverting.  Available w/ Pneumatic or Electric Actuators for On/Off or Modulating Control.
100% Made-in-USA Enhanced Performance ASME Section VIII Soft Seated Safety Relief Valves.  Designs include Spring and Pilot-Operated for Liquids , Gases and Multi-Phase services.  Applications include Pressure, Vacuum,  Cryogenic,  Liquid Surge and Un-Loader (high-cycle) Safety Relief Valves..
Cameron’s WKM® Floating & Trunnion Ball Valves satisfy a Wide Range of ANSI and API 6D Applications. Engineered for heavy-duty, reduced maintenance performance & manufactured in a variety of body and seal materials. 

Force – Cast, Machined, Assembled & Tested in S. Korea Industrial & Oil/Gas Ball Valve Featuring: Floating & Trunnion API 6D Designs in Sizes ½” through 48”, Class 150 thru 2500. Available in Carbon, Stainless Steel & Special Alloys

Advanced Engineering Valve:   Unique Double-Eccentric  Friction-Free Ball Valves used in  Cryogenic LNG & Gas Processing, Mole Sieve Switching, Turbo Expander NGL Recovery, High-Solids Services, & Modulating Applications. N. TX & OK only
High quality Sampling Valves for numerous industrial applications in refining, chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, mining, pulp &paper.
Manufacturer of Innovative Flow Control Valves including:  Sliding Gate, Angle Seat Globe, Diaphragm, Right Angle Sanitary/Aseptic, Pinch, Self-Regulating Pressure Control Valves, Hi-Temp, Cryogenic, Electric or Pneumatic Actuated.
100% Made-in-USA Manufacturer of World Class, Problem Solving, In-Line, Axial Flow, Nozzle Style Silent Check Valves. Specializing in a broad spectrum of  check valves with materials ranging from cast iron to exotic alloys.